Online Dating Rules


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Dating Article: Online Dating Rules

  • Don't keep emailing anyone. It should be a fifty-fifty exchange. People online are very inconsistent.

  • Block anyone who bothers you after you have told them no.

  • Display your best photos, but don't be misleading. Try to choose a photo that best conveys your personality. Smiling is absolutely recommended.

  • Reply in a natural easy manner, much like you would talk.

  • Don't try and be clever or funny as it may come over as some standard line that you have cut and pasted.

  • Don't be aloof. Be yourself.

  • Don't play games. There is no 'wait 3 days' rule. People are not always online. Reply when you can. If you can't reply regularly then say so. No-one likes to feel ignored.

  • Never provide your main email or phone details to anyone. You can easily set up a new Yahoo email account just for a dating site.

  • Your user name on any dating site should arouse curiosity. Be imaginitive.

  • Stay logged on if you want more visibility as many sites display who is logged on - it's like a personal advertisement.

  • Over 60% of American singles use internet dating. Online dating is not for lonely hearts or sad singles; there is no stigma attached.

  • Do not boast about anything, especially your sexual capabilities.

  • Don't say you have a sense of humor, prove it.

  • Never misrepresent yourself. do not lie in your profile. It could be a big disappointment if you finally meet.

  • Be yourself. Don't try and be cool or sophisticated if that is not your personality. It can be quickly detected when you are writing.

  • Remember, everything you write can be read over an over again, so write carefully and write well.
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