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Dating Article: Dating Rules For Women

There is a lot of rubbish written about how to date men and if you followed a lot of it, you would come across as pretty unpleasant to any man.

  • DO NOT be too coy and enigmatic unless that is your nature. A little game playing is fine as long as it's understood by both of you.

  • DO NOT deliberately turn up late, it doesn't leave anyone at their best if they are left waiting.

  • DO NOT play games after the date, either you are interested or not. Everyone has read the books and the 'sex in the city' type advice, it quickly becomes a double guessing game. Best is to ask straight out or say you don't want to play games. Life is too short.

  • DO NOT sacrifice your other social or professional life just to make a date.

  • DO NOT put yourself down or reveal if you are desperate.

  • DO NOT mention that you might want children, until you are well into a relationship.

  • DO NOT make yourself too available. Never say yes to the first suggested day and time. Don't rush to call back. A little patience is good for us all. It also gives you time to reflect.

  • DO NOT sleep with a guy until you know you have an emotional connection. It takes a little longer with men than women.

  • DO NOT spend any time analysing a date or thinking about the guy too much. You risk becoming emotionally hooked in his absence and out of sync with him. If you turn up to a second date, having already spent a week with him in your mind, you will not be at the same point in the relationship.

  • DO NOT talk about negative things in your life, or be critical. We all like positive uplifting conversation.

  • Always look your best.

  • Take some time to rhink practically about a date, without emotion clouding your judgement. How did he treat you? Did he buy flowers? Pay for dinner? Was he well groomed? Well dressed? Courteous and chivalrous?

  • Be a good kisser. It is such an important thing but most people just learn by trial and error.

  • Do not talk about ex boyfriends. If they come up then try and change the subject. If he is genuinely interested then say a little but don't extoll your ex's virtues.

  • If there is a hint of possessiveness or jealousy then make your escape.

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