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Dating Article: Dating Rules For Men.

Here are our twelve basic dating rules for men. They are all non-negotiable.

1. Dress well. Women generally have a better eye for detail than men. If you're wearing your usual outfits then look again. Shoes are important. Even if she is expecting some rugged farm hand, still make the effort to look smart, but don't make yourself feel uncomfortable.

2. Grooming is really important. Always smell good and if you are not sporting a beard then have a close shave. Nothing puts a woman off more than going to work the next day and having to explain stubble rash.

3. Be in a position to offer long term security. Women look for stability as well as excitement in men. If you don't have a regular job then you will need to show you have plans and ambitions.

4. Be well informed. Be up-to-date with current affairs and any areas that you already know interest them. Current affairs are important in showing you care about what is happening in the world.

5. Be well travelled. If you travel a lot then this really helps and if you don't have plans to travel, start making them. Most women love the possiblity of adventure and being shown new things.

6. Never, ever boast about your accomplishments or talk too much about your work. Allow these things to be discovered and then play them down.

7. Do not drink too much. Certainly drink less than you normally would. Drink makes us all a little more stupid, which is not what you want when you are trying to show your best side.

8. Don't talk too much about sport, even if it is your greatest passion unless she shares your interest. Even then be careful, she may just be trying to please you.

9. Ask questions. Every social psychological study on the subject has shown that asking questions, even if you never say anything about yourself, can make you the most popular person in the room. People love to talk about themselves. Learn too actively listen. You should be filing away all the important details about her. Referring to these later will prove that you listened to her. We all like to be reassured and told our thoughts and ideas are important.

10. Do not expect sex on a first date. If you are looking for the girl of your dreams there is nothing more sexy than a patient man.

11. Be couteous, well mannered and chivalrous, even if she is not. You never know who is watching.

12. Always be prepared to dance and enjoy it. Don't look at your own flapping feet, look at her. You are there to make her look good.

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