Christian Dating Services

There are quite a few totally free Christian dating services but like most 'free' sites the membership is a lot less active and not as serious about finding a partner.  Most of them are local sites that are well worth joining to be part of the local community.

If you are seriously looking for a partner then you really should look at one of the sites listed here.

Rating : 10/10
Online Support: Excellent
This is the largest and most active Christian dating services with over 480,000 members.

A Christian dating service for courtship, fellowship, and marriage. 

Features include chat rooms, instant messaging, video and audio introductions, a searchable Bible, posting questions, articles or poems on the online relationship magazine and forming prayer or bible study groups.

Available in Portuguese, Spanish and Tagalog versions.

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Rating : 9/10
Online Support:
This is a very active Christian singles site.  Initial sign up is free. 

Features include chat rooms, message boards and instant messaging, verse of the day and a fully searchable Bible.

There are articles and web pages with advice on:

Christian chat rooms advice
Dating a non-Christian
What it means to be a Christian
How to be a good single Christian
Bible Lessons for Christian singles
Christian marriage advice:
Online dating safety

Like most faith based sites the online support is excellent.

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Rating : 8/10
Online Support:
A smaller, less active site with a strong community feel.  You can sign up for a trial membership.

Features include chat rooms, message boards and instant messaging, E-cards, videos, recorded scriptures, forums where you can post prayers online, online Bible studies, Bible searches and a suggestion book.

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Rating : 6/10
Online Support:
Thousands of members from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and worldwide

This site is low on features and only has email.


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Adventist Singles Connection

Rating : 8/10
Online Support:
Adventist Christian online singles

Single Seventh-day Adventist Church members meet other Adventist singles here. Detailed online profiles, dating, chat rooms and photo gallery.


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