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Best Matchmakers


Rating : 9/10
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This is only one real matchmaking service that finds best matches automatically and sends both of you the results.  Unless you enjoy searching through thousands of profiles then this will save you an enormous amount of time.  Their compatibility program seems to work very well.

They also check that matches are two way so you don't end up with a list of people who match your requirements but you don't match theirs.  This is a common failing on many dating sites where you find a complete age mismatch.  A young guy might want to know which older women would be interested in his particular age, not given a list of all older women.

The big advantage is that if you buy into the idea of being automatically matched then so do millions (10 million) of others.  You get dating very quickly.  Nice....

The 2ofakind application asks for simple responses that don't try to evaluate you psychologically or rate your looks as they consider these too subjective.

Subscribers pay for results, not time. You pay $1 per match for a set number of qualified matches rather than paying for a recurring time period to use the service.  This is a great idea as it cuts out the random bulk message senders and definitely eliminates spammers. 

They also have a very clean and active membership list.  They regularly check email addresses are active and require members to respond to show they are still interested.

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Rating : 8/10
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When you first sign up you answer over a hundred questions that create a personality profile (DuetT) that is used to match you with others.  You can then add photos and a written description of yourself, though you are guided to write answers to specific questions and there is no space to describe your ideal partner.

This one of the most sophisticated matching systems, so if you want some external guidance to help you choose a partner then this is well worth a try.

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